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Female Entrepreneur

Hello my name is Michelle. About 4 years ago there was a Nationwide recall of Blood Preasure Medication. My medication was #2 on the list. So I mentioned this to Dr. Reeves. He recommended that I take some  Maganism and reduce my salt intake. I was a Paotato Chip junkie. I started tapering off salt till now I don't use salt at all. I am 3 Years BPMed free! BP is normal... I take Magnesium and Vitamins that are helping me keep fit.  Dr. Reeves wellness program works!
Michelle Lee
Orangeburg, South Carolina

Young woman

After being in the hospital 12 days with Covid I was given A blood pressure med with a diuretic added (HTZ) the doctor failed to give me potassium which caused me to dehydrate and my legs to swell and be very painful! Dr Reeves told me what supplement to add to my diet and within a few days the swelling went down and I could walk without pain,

LaRhonda Muse
Minister, Singer, Author, Christian Comic
Mansfield, Texas


Happy Senior Woman

I had been experiencing pain and swelling in my knees for at least 4-6 weeks. My right knee was the worst. I started having difficulty walking. I went to my doctor (PCP) who gave me steroids and referred me to an Orthopedic doctor. This never made the pain go away. But after seeing Dr. Charlie Reeves and explaining my pain and swelling in my knees he recommended I take a certain "miracle mineral;" and literally overnight, my swelling went down significantly and by morning, I felt no pain in either one of my knees. Thank you so much I can walk without the discomfort.
Carmen Bradbury
Cedar Hill, Texas

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