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Wellness Products

Join our Wellness Shopping Club and get huge discounts on over 400 wellness products, including a vast array of vitamin and herbal supplements.

Every NUTRITION, PERSONAL CARE, HOME CLEANING, and COSMETICS product has been developed and manufactured to stand out from the competition. Each of our over 400 products is superior in a very clear and relevant way. You deserve only the best. That is exactly what we are committed to providing. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Only $19 per year!: You also get $20 in $FREE product, each month, for the first five months! Pay $10 shipping, regardless of the size of your order; but get up to $10 back on your next month's order.

10 referrals (name & cellphone) get you $25 instantly (whether they join or not)! PLUS, you get another $25 for each $19 enrollment! Then, 20% commission "FOREVER." This can add up to $hundreds, or even $thousands per month!


Image by Emerson Vieira

Meat Lovers, LLC

Charlie Reeves, Franchise Owner

Fresh meat: wholesale prices

(For our Wellness Club Members only)


Chicken straight from the factory with no antibiotics. All cuts of chicken and whole birds, plus other products like Breakfast Bowls.
Chicken by the case:
13 whole birds only $50.
(Individual chickens $5 each)
Whole wings, hot wings, legs, thighs, B.S. breasts, whole breasts, leg quarters, at below wholesale prices.

All (100%) beef sold in grocery stores have growth hormone and antibiotics. Our club members enjoy "Never Ever" prime or high choice beef with no hormones or antibiotics at choice beef prices: less than half the price of Omaha Steaks or Butcher Block, plus better quality, flavor, and tenderness!


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